Saturday, January 2, 2010

First blog!

Woohoo! Now I'm officially a true culinary blogger! Oh wow. I cant wait to get started, posting all my food porn pictures and writing about them! Lol. Practice my presentations...making food at least look edible! Lol Anyways lets get straight to the blogging part, today was the day I FINALLY got my chef uniforms (for Le Cordon Bleu). After showing up at orientation soo late that it was over with! Lol Thats okay because I got everything anyways, complete with the Le Cordon Bleu 'blue ribbon' on the right side! Sooo exciting! I tried one on, didnt want to take it off! Feels so right! I knew which ever career I went with, I'd be wearing a white jacket! As I tried it on, I heard the voice of Will Smith from Men In Black say "Put this on"..What is it? ..."The last suit you'll ever wear.."Lol The pants are kind of tight but I guess that will remind me not to eat so much during class. Haha. YEAH RIGHT! Its funny how when I tell people I'm in Culinary School they all say the same thing, "I can be your guinea pig!?"Haha I find that soo funny that everyone says that to me. I dont know, it must just be me or something cause nobody else thinks its funny, everyone is serious! Lol

So yeah back to my the end, I took a butt load of pictures of myself (duh), looked over some of my books, I have to take math and english..ugh! Only six weeks though. Just when I'll start to hate it, it will be over with! I was told I would get my knife set today too, but apparenly I wont get that until one week after school starts. They have to let all the students get a food handlers permit first. Which I already hold in my this very moment! So the chef said it will be an easy A then, which is TOTALLY okay with me of course. Oh I also got my schedule which was, unusually difficult to read. I had to ask three different people to explain it to me so I'm not late for class. In the end, though, Lloyd (a student whom I'll be speaking with a lot) told me exactly what was happening. So for the next six weeks my schedule will be the same, I have no clue what that entails but I'll figure it as the weeks roll into each other.

So since I'm going to be a chef, one question I do get asked a lot is.."So Jillian, whats for dinner tonight?" Lol I'll have you know, I hardly cook real food (which seems to be a problem now cause all I want is cake lol) But tonight we had dinner! Me and my mom, leftovers from last night when I had a massive craving for chicken curry and boiled green banana. Sounds simple right? Thats cause it is lol. To some, it might sound odd..chicken curry and green banana?? Yeahh..good stuff people! Just unripened bananas, boiled in salt water with the skin on (just make some slits in the sides) for like ten minutes, then peel the skin away, boil 5 more minutes and tada! So easy a caveman can do it!

Anyways, I hear my phone vibrating and my mom calling me so I'm signing off for now.

Cheers everyone.